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Since its establishment in 2004, Airwheel has set up R&D, marketing, manufacturing and logistics centres in the United States, Belgium, China and other countries with a global perspective. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of intelligent transportation devices, Airwheel is committed to bringing the fun of technology and practicing our cooperative culture: “Free Intelligent Living”.

Airwheel has completed the integration of the portable transportation industry chain and the globalization of our brand. Our rideable luggage and intelligent folding electric wheelchair have served more than 30 million customers in 68 countries/regions.

Airwheel’s success is built on making customers’ lives freer, providing them with intelligent companions and helping them find passion and happiness from life and achieve higher personal values.

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Airwheel believes that smart tools will enrich people and expand their senses and capabilities to bridge the gap between dreams and reality.

To this end, since 2015, Airwheel has made strategic investments in areas such as IoT sensors, robotics and deep learning. We continue to enhance our product development and manufacturing in collaboration with research institutes around the world to continue to bring freedom and joy to our customers.

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